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Third Jersey News

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on August 19, 2008 by flyersfan44

One of my sources indicates (I love that – makes it sound really mysterious, eh?) that the Flyers new third jersey will be worn on-ice for the first time on Friday, November 28 in a game against Carolina.  Retailers will get the jersey on Wednesday, December 3.  It’s definite that the jersey will be the orange one they wore in the 1970’s, with the same numbering (white outlined in black on the back and orange outlined in black on the sleeves).  The traditional logo will be on the front.  Only question is whether the white nameplate with black letters or orange nameplate with white letters will be used. 

If this source is correct, then so much for my earlier prediction that they would debut the jersey in the pre-season game against Carolina at the old Spectrum, which will be in its last season.  That would have been too cool.

Flyers New Third Jerseys

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on June 8, 2008 by flyersfan44

NHL teams will have the opportunity to add a third jersey next season in addition to their regular home and away jersey.  Supposedly, the Flyers’ design will be their orange 1970s jersey, even including the white nameplate which I believe was worn in 1975.  This is simply a great move.  The orange jersey will always be the quintessential Flyers’ jersey.  Although the black one looks sharp, it seems that everyone is wearing black.  The fans will love having the orange one back again.  In fact, I would suggest making the orange jersey the regular home jersey and having  the black one as the third jersey.  Anyway, here’s what the orange third jersey is supposed to look like:

This makes me think about which are the best and worst jersey designs in the NHL.  So, here goes: Maybe I am a traditionalist but I think that in spite of the cool, flashy designs of some teams, alot must be said for the classic jerseys that have stood the test of time.  So, I would have to rate near the top: Detroit and Chicago (both great logos) with the top spot in my opinion going to the Montreal Canadiens:


The worst color combination has to go to the Minnesota Wild. Although I really like the logo, green and red do not go well together:


The worst logo in my opinion belongs to the Ottawa Senators.  That cartoonish Roman Senator just doesn’t make it:


The worst overall jersey design, I think, belongs to the Phoenix Coyotes, simply because it is just boring:

Just one man’s opinion.  I’m sure there are many different arguments out there.