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Flyers Hockey vs. Penguins Ice Capades

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A pretty cool video put together by my nephew!

Penguins’ Lack of Sportsmanship Extends to its TV Crew

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It appears as though the Penguins lack of sportsmanship, which is all too evident on the ice, also runs through the organization all the way to the television production department. As reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer by Flyers’ beat writer Sam Carchidi, an NHL executive indicated that replay officials in Toronto were not given the proper replays by Fox Sports Pittsburgh when Simon Gagne appeared to score in last Thursday’s game. Gagne’s rebound shot appeared to be carried into the net by goalie Brent Johnson and then pushed back out. Ruling no goal on the ice, the ref went to a replay decision. Officials in Toronto called it no goal due to “inconclusive” replay evidence. There were about three different camera angles available on this play, one of which showed the puck over the line. However, this angle was not sent to Toronto until after the no-goal decision was made and the puck was dropped. The Flyers were using the Pittsburgh feed and could not send their own video.

Add cheating by its television crew to the diving, goalie-crashing, and ref-whining that has become the expected unsportsmanlike behavior of the Penguins. Further, the NHL should take action against the Penguins as a result of this conduct. With questionable calls by the refs often going against the Flyers and already calling the league’s integrity into question, the NHL does not need this sort of revelation that teams’ television crews will be allowed to withhold certain replays of disputed goals because they appear to go against their team.

This news is just disgusting and another reason to hate the Evil Empire in Pittsburgh.

Penguins Win Cup

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The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Red Wings 2-1 in game 7 at Detroit to capture the Stanley Cup.  The Penguins, who often like to open games up with offense, demonstrated that defense wins championships by playing an excellent defensive game.  They also got the bounces their way and survived great pressure by the Wings in the third period.  Detroit rang a shot off the crossbar with two minutes left that would have tied the game, and goalie Marc-Andre Fleury made a game and perhaps Cup-winning save with one second left, diving across the crease to cover an open net rebound shot.  The Red Wings’ age perhaps was a factor, as several key players were fighting injuries.  Still, give the Penguins credit for resiliency, coming back after losing the first two games of the series. Only the fourth time in NHL history that a team came back from an 0-2 deficit in the Finals, it’s interesting that three of the four occurred against Detroit (this year, 1966 vs. Montreal, and 1942 vs. Toronto).

Red Wings put one off the crossbar with two minutes left.

Red Wings put one off the crossbar with two minutes left.

Fleury dives to stop Niklas Lidstrom with one second left.

Fleury dives to stop Niklas Lidstrom with one second left.

The Penguins celebrate as time expires.

The Penguins celebrate as time expires.

Penguins Crushed 5-0 in Game Five; Their Immaturity is in Full Swing

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The Most Unsportsmanlike Team in the League was crushed 5-0 in game five of the Finals on Saturday at Joe Louis Arena.  The Red Wings demonstrated why they are the reigning champs, shutting down the Penguins with solid checking and tight defense.  The Pens were highly frustrated as the game wore on and their usual nonsense surfaced especially in the third period, with numerous high sticks, crosschecks, slashes and elbows leveled by the immature and undisciplined Penguins.  Their nonsense became almost comical to watch as they embarassed themselves as they were being embarassed by the Red Wings.  Cindy Crysby was among the worst offenders, further demonstrating his childish temperament.  This is the team the League wanted to see in the Finals???

Detroit's Niklas Kronwall scores in Game Five.

Detroit's Niklas Kronwall scores in Game Five.

Brian Rafalski and Niklas Lidstrom celebrate Rafalski's goal.

Brian Rafalski and Niklas Lidstrom celebrate Rafalski's goal.

Cup Finals Prediction: Detroit in Seven

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A rematch of last year’s Cup Finals has the Red Wings and Penguins again.  Needless to say, I’m rooting for Detroit. As a Flyers fan, I hate the Penguins – the Most Unsportsmanlike Team in the League. Not all that crazy about the Red Wings’ European Ice Show either, but I have alot more respect for them. 

I was seven for eight in my first round picks, two for four in the second, and two for two in the third.  That’s 11 of 14 in this year’s playoff rounds.  Not too bad.  This year’s finals should be a good, competitive series.  The Penguins have Crosby and Malkin in high gear, Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury playing well, good complimentary players like Jordan Staal, Max Talbot, and Chris Kunitz, and veterans like Bill Guerin.   The Red Wings are simply a powerhouse.  The only thing that concerns me about them is that they are experiencing some injuries to key players.  Nevertheless, they are strong enough and deep enough to overcome some injuries, and I like Coach Mike Babcock’s experience over Dan Bylsma.  I think it’ll be closer than last year, but I don’t see enough reasons to pick against the Cup Champs…Red Wings in seven.

Game Sevens: Capitals Dump Rangers; Devils Ousted by Hurricanes

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Two great game sevens in the Eastern Quarterfinals resulted in the ouster of the Rangers and Devils.  The Capitals, led byAlex Ovechkin, Alexander Semin, and Sergei Fedorov (who scored the winner with about five minutes left), defeated the Rangers 3-2.  What would Ronald Reagan say?  In the nation’s capital, the fans wear red and cheer for three Russians who lead the team.  Unthinkable! That’s OK, they beat the Rangers, sending them and their nonsense antics home for the summer.  Caps’ fans seated behind the Rangers’ bench survived game seven unscathed, as there was no water bottle squirting by coach John Tortorella in this one.  Several fans wore plastic ponchos just in case. Fedorov put a great shot over Henrik Lundqvist’s shoulder as Rangers’ defenseman Wade Redden (signed last summer as a free agent) screened Lundqvist. What an expensive way to lose a game seven. 

The Carolina Hurricanes scored two goals in the last minutes of the game against the best goalie in the world to defeat the Devils 4-3.  I was depressed about the end of the Flyers’ season until I started thinking about how much it must suck to be a Devils’ fan right now.  Tough one, Brodeur.

So, we have the entire New York market out of the playoffs after round one – good riddance –  and the League got the second round matchup it wanted: Crosby vs. Ovechkin.  Should be a great series. I hope the Capitals win soundly.  The Penguins are the most unsportsmanlike team in the league, whining and diving to draw penalties, and starting fights as soon as they fall behind in a game.  Cindy Crosby is a miserable player – just doesn’t look like he enjoys himself. Ovechkin has fun and is highly entertaining. 

I must point out that I was seven for eight in my round one picks, missing only the Ducks over the Sharks.  Yes, I had the Flyers losing and the  ‘Canes beating the Devils.  I’ll have my round two picks shortly.

Flyers Lose Game 1; Carcillo Suspended

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Somehow the Flyers failed to show up for game one of the series and dropped a 4-1 decision to the Penguins.  Once again, turnovers were a problem as well as undisciplined penalties which caused the Flyers to tire themselves killing them off.  A very marginal hooking call on Aaron Asham led to the Pens’ first goal, and the call indicated that the leage intends to make sure the Flyers will have a difficult time slowing down the Pens as the league obviously hopes they skate deep into the playoffs with their superstars.   The Flyers will need to play much better and much more disciplined if they hope to win the series.

On the final faceoff, Dan Carcillo bopped Maxime Talbot on the head with his gloved fist and Talbot dropped as if he had been shot. Although no penalty was called, the league decided to send a message that these sort of messages at the end of games will not be tolerated and suspended Carcillo for game two.  All of a sudden now the league decides that what should be a roughing penalty is now a suspendable offense. Way to change the rules as you go along! However, at the end of the Canadiens-Bruins game one, there was similar stuff going on but curiously so far I have not heard of any suspensions resulting for Les Canadiens.  Not surprising that the league would have an apparent double-standard when it comes to Montreal.

Game two tonight. Hopefully the Flyers will show up for it.