Let’s Go Flyers!

3 Responses to “About”

  1. get a life , your comments and opinions mean nothing and your wasting space on the internet. you really know nothing about hockey and the flyers. cut the shit and cheer dont rip apart your team all the time.

    • flyersfan44 Says:

      Thanks for taking the time and effort to respond, even though you find my comments and opinions meaningless. Feel free to demonstrate your superior knowledge of hockey and the Flyers by offering your own opinions in response to my points, rather than merely writing that I am wasting space with meaningless comments. There’s always differences of opinion – that’s what makes discussion interesting. I always welcome intelligent dialogue, especially if respondants remember to capitalize proper nouns and the first word of sentences.

  2. Reggie “The Rifle” Leach

    Hi folks! Please check out our petition to help Reggie “The Rifle” Leach achieve his rightful place in the Hockey Hall of Fame. A good “Manitoba boy” and “Philadelphia Flyer”! If you would like to “sign” and pass it along, “Thanks!” Either way, thank you for your time……..



    Steve Taylor

    Riverton, Manitoba


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