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Swimming with the Sharks

Posted in Uncategorized on November 21, 2009 by flyersfan44

On their current road trip, the Flyers played what amounted to a statement game against the San Jose Sharks, who hold one of the best records in the league. An entertaining game saw the Flyers hang with the Sharks into the third period before San Jose pulled away, scoring a 6-3 victory. Somewhat discouraging, because the Sharks are a potential Stanley Cup finalist and the Flyers have lost both games to them this season (and haven’t beaten them in nine years!). Overall, however, the Flyers have looked good lately with offensive and defensive numbers near the top of the league and the top-rated power play. The forwards and goaltending look good but they may need to tweak the defense some as the season progresses. The fifth and sixth defensemen (some combination of Ryan Parent, Danny Syvret, Ole-Kristian Tollefson, and Oskars Bartulis) haven’t been overly impressive. I’d love to see a solid fifth defenseman either emerge from that group or be acquired in a trade. Fortunately, there’s much of the season left for things to develop.

Streak? Here’s Your Streak.

Posted in Uncategorized on November 21, 2009 by flyersfan44

On Monday, the Devils and an annoying number of their fans came down the Jersey Turnpike with an eight game winning streak and an opportunity to set an NHL record for the most consecutive road victories from the start of a season. Playing a strong game, the Flyers ended the Devils’ streak with a 3-2 victory, despite the refs’ best efforts to hand them the game in the third period with some highly questionable calls. After the Flyers took a 3-1 lead, several calls went against them. With the game being televised on Versus, you have to wonder if the calls were designed to keep the game close at the direction of the league. It was nice to see the Flyers defeat a top team, which they must demonstrate they can do regularly to have a shot at the Cup this season. It was nicer to send the Devils and their contingent of supporters home empty-handed. Two of the unfortunate fans were seated next to us during the game, at the end of which we happily told them: “Turnpike’s that way.”

Five-Game Win Streak: Looking Better

Posted in Uncategorized on November 13, 2009 by flyersfan44

After a mediocre start, the Flyers are currently riding a five game winning streak in which they have outscored their opponents 23-7. They appear to be hitting their stride now, as they are playing good defensive hockey and revving up the offense. The power play is tops in the league and the penalty killing is near the top. This is all good, especially since other teams in the division had strong starts, with the Penguins, Rangers and Devils putting together similar winning streaks. The Flyers needed to get out of the win one-lose one pattern. Not to be pessimistic, but let’s not get too excited just yet. The Flyers still need to demonstrate that they can beat the good teams of the league on a regular basis. A test in that area comes Monday night against the Devils. This streak is good, but I won’t be really excited until they score some wins against the Pittsburghs and New Jerseys of the league.