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Penguins Crushed 5-0 in Game Five; Their Immaturity is in Full Swing

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The Most Unsportsmanlike Team in the League was crushed 5-0 in game five of the Finals on Saturday at Joe Louis Arena.  The Red Wings demonstrated why they are the reigning champs, shutting down the Penguins with solid checking and tight defense.  The Pens were highly frustrated as the game wore on and their usual nonsense surfaced especially in the third period, with numerous high sticks, crosschecks, slashes and elbows leveled by the immature and undisciplined Penguins.  Their nonsense became almost comical to watch as they embarassed themselves as they were being embarassed by the Red Wings.  Cindy Crysby was among the worst offenders, further demonstrating his childish temperament.  This is the team the League wanted to see in the Finals???

Detroit's Niklas Kronwall scores in Game Five.

Detroit's Niklas Kronwall scores in Game Five.

Brian Rafalski and Niklas Lidstrom celebrate Rafalski's goal.

Brian Rafalski and Niklas Lidstrom celebrate Rafalski's goal.

Game Sevens: Capitals Dump Rangers; Devils Ousted by Hurricanes

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Two great game sevens in the Eastern Quarterfinals resulted in the ouster of the Rangers and Devils.  The Capitals, led byAlex Ovechkin, Alexander Semin, and Sergei Fedorov (who scored the winner with about five minutes left), defeated the Rangers 3-2.  What would Ronald Reagan say?  In the nation’s capital, the fans wear red and cheer for three Russians who lead the team.  Unthinkable! That’s OK, they beat the Rangers, sending them and their nonsense antics home for the summer.  Caps’ fans seated behind the Rangers’ bench survived game seven unscathed, as there was no water bottle squirting by coach John Tortorella in this one.  Several fans wore plastic ponchos just in case. Fedorov put a great shot over Henrik Lundqvist’s shoulder as Rangers’ defenseman Wade Redden (signed last summer as a free agent) screened Lundqvist. What an expensive way to lose a game seven. 

The Carolina Hurricanes scored two goals in the last minutes of the game against the best goalie in the world to defeat the Devils 4-3.  I was depressed about the end of the Flyers’ season until I started thinking about how much it must suck to be a Devils’ fan right now.  Tough one, Brodeur.

So, we have the entire New York market out of the playoffs after round one – good riddance –  and the League got the second round matchup it wanted: Crosby vs. Ovechkin.  Should be a great series. I hope the Capitals win soundly.  The Penguins are the most unsportsmanlike team in the league, whining and diving to draw penalties, and starting fights as soon as they fall behind in a game.  Cindy Crosby is a miserable player – just doesn’t look like he enjoys himself. Ovechkin has fun and is highly entertaining. 

I must point out that I was seven for eight in my round one picks, missing only the Ducks over the Sharks.  Yes, I had the Flyers losing and the  ‘Canes beating the Devils.  I’ll have my round two picks shortly.

Alex Ovechkin’s 50th Goal Celebration

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The Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin scored his 50th goal of the season recently and this feat led to a unique celebration that has created some controversy.  Some observers feel that the celebration was excessive and not warranted for someone scoring his 50th goal of a season, since a good number of players have hit the 50 mark in a seson over the years.  Here is a video of the goal and celebration:

I don’t have a problem with this celebration.  Ovechkin is the first player to hit 50 this season and he has an exhuberance for playing the game that is enjoyable to watch. The NHL could use some players who are entertainers who bring some fun to the games.  I enjoy watching Ovechkin much more than his rival Sidney Crosby, who usually looks miserable during games and just doesn’t seem as if he’s enjoying himself.  Ovechkin, on the other hand, looks like he really enjoys playing and seems as though he’s having fun.  Don’t lose that zest for the game!

Sidney Crosby Cheap Shot

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It should be very interesting to see how the League deals with the cheap shot that Sidney Crosby put on Atlanta Thrashers’ Boris Valabik in a game on December 18.  During a melee, Crosby came up behind Valabik, who was occupied by another Penguin, and threw a couple of low blow punches.  Check the video below to see how it happened.

Interesting that in a rare occasion when Cindy got involved in fisticuffs, it was by throwing cheap shots from behind.  Not surprising, mind you, because although he is a great player in terms of talent, his temperament has not led him to be a great ambassador for the game.  It’s play like this that lessens the respect for Crosby among fans and players.   I have a feeling, however, that no disciplinary action from the League will be forthcoming.  Too bad, since Cindy needs to learn some respect for the game.