Another Season of Futility

36 years and counting and no Stanley Cup. Don’t even feel like writing about it. Swept by the Bruins; not even in the series; the goalie situation was a joke. How did they go from the dominant team they were in January to this? They don’t know.

Changes over the summer? A few but probably no wholesale changes. A number one goalie is a must – please don’t try to pass off Leighton and Bobrovsky as your 1-2 combination. Several good free agents available or maybe trade for one: Bryzgalov, Nabokov, Voukoun possibilities. Take a look at Nashville’s Anders Lindback – huge at 6’6, young, alot of promise. Bob can be the backup or Leighton if you want Bob to get alot of work with the Phantoms for a season.

Have a nice summer!

One Response to “Another Season of Futility”

  1. Brian Kimble Says:

    Let’s hope that Holmgren will not let Bryzgolov get away like Nabokov. There is rumors circling about a possible deal with the Blue Jackets to trade Carter for a 2011 first round pick, Voracek, and a conditional pick. I like Voracek. He is young and could fit into our offensive scheme well. Also, nothing would make me happier then to see Jeff Carter go!

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