Flyers: “zzzzzzzz…Oh, there was a game today?”

This team confounds me. How they can come out as dead as they were in today’s Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals is beyond expalanation. After looking superb and at playoff intensity in Game 7 against Buffalo, you would think they found the level they need to continue to play at. Instead, they started slowly, never really got into the game, and were thoroughly dominated by the Bruins, losing 7-3. They appeared to drop things back a notch or two (or three) and that just can’t happen in the playoffs. Could they get a lead in a game and a series for once instead of having to come from behind? We all know they play better with their backs to the wall, but why? Why can’t they find that desperation and intensity in each game?

Of course, starting goalie Brian Boucher was pulled, so now there will be questions about who’s starting in Game 2. Just stop the carousel and get some stability in net and come back with Boosh. Get the power play untracked – it looked horrible again today and it will need to find a way to score in this series. Also, the Flyers will need to shut down the Lucic-Krecji-Horton line. They killed us today. Finally, the Flyers will need to adjust their system somewhat. Boston was allowed way too much room coming through the neutral zone and around the Flyers’ net. It seems like we tried to out-finesse them today. This series will be won or lost in the trenches and with physical play and close checking – if the Flyers can find that within their puzzling psyche.


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