Playoffs – Finally!

Finally, the 2011 Playoffs are here. Been away from the blog for a bit – I think I was bored like the Flyers were for the last six weeks of the season. OK, we’re tied at one game each with Buffalo. The Flyers should beat the Sabres – they’re the deeper team even without Pronger. However, three concerns make me worried about them going much deeper: (1) Goaltending – Bobrovsky is untested in the playoffs and gave up a bad goal in Game 2 before being pulled. Now do you come back with him or stay with Boucher? Questions already and we’re only two games in. (2) Power Play – It hasn’t been right for too much of the season. 1 for 15 so far in the series. They’re going to have to figure it out to advance very far. (3) Pronger – If he doesn’t come back from the broken hand and be at or close to 100%, there’s no way this will be the year that ends the Cup drought.

Sorry to be pessimistic. I’m cheering them on nevertheless. Now, here’s a video put together by my nephew to get us excited. Great job, Brian!


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