Leighton Sent Down; Giroux the Only All-Star

Goalie Michael Leighton cleared waivers and was sent to Adirondack. Good move – three goalies never works. GM Paul Holmgren still believes Leighton was hurt when he signed the contract extension and didn’t say anything until after the deal, so, this is no surprise. Don’t expect to see Leighton again this year. To be recalled, he’d have to go through waivers again and this time be claimed for half his $1.3 million salary, with the Flyers paying the other half. Meanwhile, Boucher has quietly become the number one goalie – he’s been stellar lately. Bobrovsky has cooled off some but remember, he’s only 22. I think he has a bright future.

The League announced the rest of the players they have chosen for the All-Star Game (like the control mentality of today’s corporate entity NHL?) and only one Flyer – Claude Giroux – was named to participate in the game. I have to take time to study the other names added but c’mon, the team that leads the Eastern Conference gets ONE player chosen? The more I observe (questionable penalties at untimely moments, ridiculous suspensions, a draft lottery instituted the year the Flyers finish last, and now All-Star Game snubs) the more I believe there is a profound bias against the Flyers by the League. Oh well, Danny, Chris, Jeff, Mike – enjoy the days off!

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