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Iginla Trade Rumors; Leighton to Start Tonight

Posted in Uncategorized on December 30, 2010 by flyersfan44

With Jay Feaster replacing Darryl Sutter as GM in Calgary and the Flames foundering near the bottom with goal-scoring troubles, rumors have reignited (like the pun?) that the Flames may look to deal winger Jerome Iginla. This rumor has been around before but with the changes in Calgary and their desire to acquire some young prospects, it may have more teeth this time around.

One rumor had Iginla going to the Flyers in a deal that involved a goalie, Andreas Nodl, another young prospect (Eric Wellwood?), and perhaps a draft pick. The Flyers would have to be able to fit Iginla’s salary under the cap, however, so something more may be involved here. Laviolette’s not real high on Dan Carcillo (he’s often been scratched when healthy) so if this happens he could go as well. Also, don’t rule out the Flyers trading Jeff Carter. Although they’ve given no indication of a willingness to do so, his lackadaisical play, defensive lapses, and generally aloof personality do not fit Laviolette’s mold.

Another rumor had Iginla going to Pittsburgh. The Penguins really want to find a winger to play with Crosby and wouldn’t mind trading Pascal Dupuis, but they’re right up on the cap, too and would have to give up alot more than Dupuis. Would they consider trading Malkin? He takes unnecessary and costly retaliation penalties and opponents know they can get him off his game fairly easily.

Keep your eyes on this one.

Leighton to Start Tonight
Goalie Michael Leighton is rumored to be starting tonight for the first time this season after his surgery. Not sure a game against the Kings with the team coming off two lopsided losses is the best idea, but if they’re going to deal a goalie, they’ve got to get him in there sometime soon.