Stanley Cup Final: Let’s go Flyers!

It’s finally time to get it going. The anticipation has been incredible, and that’s just for a fan – I can’t imagine what it’s like for the players. No prediction this time – don’t want to jinx anything. I will say it will be tough to beat Chicago. They are big and fast, they are strong up front and have some good defensemen who can move the puck well. Really good power play. That being said, although you could argue that the Flyers did not have to beat a great team to get to the finals – the Devils, Bruins, and Canadiens are very good teams but not really quite up to the Blackhawks’ level – if there is a team that can beat Chicago, it may be the Flyers. The Orange and Black are playing really good hockey now, have an edge at forward with three full lines that can score, good penalty killing, and four top defensemen that give them an edge in that category. Also, Coach Laviolette is awesome. If goalie Michael Leighton can keep the magic going, the Flyers can maintain a good penalty kill, and they can get some pucks past Antti Niemi, the Flyers’ veteran experience may be the difference over Chicago’s youngsters. Let’s get it going!

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