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Canadiens Crush Flyers in Game 3

Posted in Uncategorized on May 21, 2010 by flyersfan44

As expected, the Canadiens came out hard against the Flyers at the Bell Centre in Game 3. They dominated the Flyers virtually the entire game en route to a 5-1 victory. It didn’t help that the Flyers failed to play with the same intensity that they have played with in most other playoff games. With their backs not against the wall, a little letdown may be expected . However, the Habs now have some life and the Flyers will need to ramp it up in Game 4 to prevent a tied series. Let’s hope they can come out with a strong effort.

A little concerning is that Montreal adjusted it’s approach for this game. In games one and two, they played more of a trap style, which the Flyers had a pretty easy time with. Last night, a more aggressive forecheck with two men in was used and this appeared to confound the Flyers. Witness Chris Pronger’s giveaway on an outlet pass that led to the second goal. He looked up and saw a second forward forechecking and appeared to try to pull back on the passing motion that he had started, resulting in the puck leaving his stick weakly and being picked off. Hopefully, the Flyers will be ready to deal with a two man forecheck in Game 4.