No Deals for Flyers; Holmgren Likes Our Team

There’s a saying that sometimes the best trades are the ones you don’t make. If that’s true, then the Flyers made a load of great deals yesterday, standing pat at the trade deadline. Supposedly the deal they were closest to was acquiring goalie Tomas Vokoun from Florida but turned it down when the asking price was Jeff Carter. I would have done that deal a couple months ago, but Carter has since picked up his game thanks to coach Peter Laviolette lighting a fire under him. The Flyers couldn’t afford to lose any more goals since Gagne, Giroux, have not replaced the scoring of Lupul and Knuble.

However, I am disappointed that we didn’t pick up another forward who could score, especially since several were available and some went to teams for only draft picks. Our rivals Pittsburgh and Washington improved themselves with deals, making it even more concerning that we did nothing.

GM Paul Holmgren did try to make some moves and maybe doing nothing is better than getting ripped off, but if he says “I like our team” one more time, I may have to cancel my tickets. According to the current standings, we have a mediocre team that may not make the playoffs. Now, they have played better of late and if they get hot going into April I think they could win a round or even two, but I don’t see them being strong enough to challenge for the Cup. Again. For too many years now the Flyers have exited the playoffs in disappointing fashion and it looks as though we’re in for another frustrating spring. No, when you put together a team like Washington, San Jose, or Chicago, then that’s a team you can like. But when you have a team that plays sloppy like last night, gives up seven goals to the Florida Kittens, uh, Panthers, that’s not a team that I really like very much.


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