Flyers Claim Lukas Krajicek; Trade to Come?

The Flyers claimed Tampa defenseman Lukas Krajicek off waivers.

The Flyers got some help on defense when they claimed 6’3, 205-lb. defenseman Lukas Krajicek off waivers from the Lightning. Krajicek is a serviceable defenseman who has played for several teams over the last six years. He’s still young at 26 and will provide some additional experience on the blueline.

I thought the Flyers were going to get Dion Phaneuf from the Flames – they were talking – but Phaneuf just went to Toronto in a blockbuster deal. Not sure if claiming Krajicek means they got their defenseman. I was hoping for a top-four d-man. I still think Scott Niedermayer is a possibility.

Trade rumors continue around Jeff Carter. He has been mentioned in a possible deal to Montreal along with a prospect for goalie Jaroslav Halak, defenseman Paul Mara, forward Tomas Plekanec and a 2010 first rounder. I don’t think the Flyers are interested in Halak. However, I know they’d like to get a first round pick since they traded theirs for Pronger. Mara may interest them as well. It may be worthwhile to note that Krajicek is from the Czech Republic and so is Plekanec. Did they claim Krajicek knowing that they’re going to acquire Plekanec? OK, maybe that’s far-fetched.

The Flyers are supposedly one of a few teams that are in on a possible Ilya Kovalchuk deal. (The others are Chicago, LA, Rangers, and Bruins). The Thrashers’ sniper is almost certain to be traded but would command a player, prospect and draft pick. I don’t see the Flyers giving up a Giroux or Van Riemsdyk and they don’t have the pick, plus the offense has picked it up. They need more help on defense and if a deal goes down, I think it’ll be for a blueliner.

With the Olympic break looming, there’s sort of two deadlines so let’s see what happens between now and the Olympics.

2 Responses to “Flyers Claim Lukas Krajicek; Trade to Come?”

  1. I still say the Kovalchuk is the only response left in the league to Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, and Semin. Atlanta may want too much in return, and that may stymie the deal, but they need to be more aggressive on that front.

    The Phaneuf deal was a shocker. I thought he was going to be here from the way the rumor sites were talking. You’re right in saying the Krajicek isn’t the answer. Hopefully Homer has something in the works. This team, as it is constructed now, cannot win the Cup.

    • I think the Flyers should part ways with Matt Carle. There are some interesting forum discussions about the potential of him making his way onto the Olympic team, but in my opinion he has been dismal in recent weeks. I think this is a defender they could part ways with, and still get some quality in return. Just a thought, one thing is for sure though, as mentioned above “This team, as it is constructed now, cannot win the Cup.”

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