Three in a Row? Think Stanley Cup!

Sorry…got a little carried away there but it’s been so long since the Flyers won a couple in a row. OK, wins against Carolina, Tampa, and the Islanders. Hey, we’ll take anything we can get at this point. Keeping it in perspective, the Flyers did play well in those games (don’t worry about coughing up a 3-0 lead mid-way through the third period in Carolina and then winning 4-3 in the shoot-out – the Flyers were just trying to keep it interesting). Getting back Powe, Gagne, and Betts recently has certainly helped. Goalie Michael Leighton, picked up off waivers from Carolina, has played well in the absence of Emery and Boucher. And maybe the Flyers are starting to grasp new coach Peter Laviolette’s system. It remains to be seen, however, whether or not the Flyers have turned a corner. Not to disparage the teams the Flyers beat but they’re not Pittsburgh, Washington, and San Jose. If the Flyers put together a ten game winning streak, then we can talk. Actually, they’ll need to put something like that together in order to have a chance at making the playoffs. I hate to ruin your New Year’s optimism, but the Flyers have 38 points in 38 games. With 44 games left and assuming that 98 points will be enough to get in the playoffs, the Flyers need 60 of a possible 88 points during the rest of the season.

Looks like Homer decided not to pull the trigger on a trade for now. A few wins bought some more time to see how things unfold.

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