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Carcillo Gets Four Game Suspension; Reaction to Coaching Change Worrisome

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Flyers’ winger Dan Carcillo has been suspended by the NHL for four games as the result of an altercation he had with Capitals’ enforcer Matt Bradley during Saturday’s 8-2 debacle. With the score tied at one, Bradley took a run at Carcillo along the boards and appeared to get his stick up. Carcillo, who has a fuse about as long as a candle wick, cross-checked Bradley and then decked him with one punch. Bradley was in the motion of dropping his gloves when Carcillo clocked him, leaving Bradley dazed. Carcillo was hit with a totally unreasonable nine minutes in penalties plus a game misconduct for being quicker to the punch while Bradley got nothing for the high stick or for droppping his gloves. Of course, the Caps blew the game open with three goals on the power play and never looked back.

Carcillo should have had the discipline to skate away after the hit rather than instigating the fight at that moment. He could have picked his spot later in the game. Acquiring players like Carcillo is part of the Flyers problem and part of the reason the players are upset with management. Popular Scotty Upshall was dealt for Carcillo, who really hasn’t shown that he can play. The game has changed – like it or not – and a player like Carcillo comes under the refs’ microscope very quickly. It’s not the 70s anymore and the Flyers’ management needs to recognize that. The team is carrying three fighters – Asham, Cote, and Carcillo. At least Asham can play and they’ve figured out that Cote can’t – he’s been a healthy scratch for most of the season despite injuries to several other forwards. It’s time to dump Carcillo.

The game against the Caps was a total debacle. Little effort, especially from the top guns. The team has not reacted well to the coaching change. This is worrisome. When the Penguins fired Michel Therrien last year, the team turned it around and won the Cup. The difference here – and this is critical – is that unlike the Penguins, the Flyers liked their coach and had not “turned him off” as the Penguins did with Therrien. If this team refuses to play for Laviolette, it will turn into a real mess. Trades will be the only option at that point. It’s still early and it’s only been one game, so let’s see if the team acts like professionals and decides to learn his system and play for him. Give it ten games and we should have an idea.