Flyers Fire John Stevens; Peter Laviolette to Take Over

New Flyers' coach Peter Laviolette

The Flyers announced this afternoon that they have dismissed head coach John Stevens. It appears that his replacement will be Peter Laviolette, to be announced at an 8:00 PM news conference.

As suggested here, the Flyers’ inconsistency and lackadaisical play called for a change in coaches. I like Stevens and think he is a good coach, but he was no longer the right coach for this team. Players appeared to be too comfortable with his calm demeanor and the totally mediocre record with the talent they have became unacceptable.

It is expected that Peter Laviolette, who coached the Carolina Hurricanes to a Stanley Cup championship in 2005-06, will take over. The U.S. born Laviolette coached the New York Islanders for two seasons (2001-02, 2002-03) before being fired and hired by the Hurricanes for the 2003-04 season. After winning the Cup the following season, Laviolette coached the ‘Canes for two more full seasons before being fired in December of 2008.

Laviolette has a reputation as a no-nonsense coach and led the ‘Canes to the Cup with a free-flowing offensive style – two things this Flyers team needs. It was a good move to go outside the organization for someone with whom the players will not be too comfortable.

More to come later.

One Response to “Flyers Fire John Stevens; Peter Laviolette to Take Over”

  1. I’m sorry that the Flyers have decided that you no longer fit their vision of the future. Good luck on the golf course. (For those not familiar with the joke being made here, Mike has an incredibly remarkable resemblance to the now former Flyers coach).

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