Swimming with the Sharks

On their current road trip, the Flyers played what amounted to a statement game against the San Jose Sharks, who hold one of the best records in the league. An entertaining game saw the Flyers hang with the Sharks into the third period before San Jose pulled away, scoring a 6-3 victory. Somewhat discouraging, because the Sharks are a potential Stanley Cup finalist and the Flyers have lost both games to them this season (and haven’t beaten them in nine years!). Overall, however, the Flyers have looked good lately with offensive and defensive numbers near the top of the league and the top-rated power play. The forwards and goaltending look good but they may need to tweak the defense some as the season progresses. The fifth and sixth defensemen (some combination of Ryan Parent, Danny Syvret, Ole-Kristian Tollefson, and Oskars Bartulis) haven’t been overly impressive. I’d love to see a solid fifth defenseman either emerge from that group or be acquired in a trade. Fortunately, there’s much of the season left for things to develop.

2 Responses to “Swimming with the Sharks”

  1. flyersfan44 Says:

    Yeah – I’m not excited at all about the Flyers right now. The inconsistency is troubling, as is the lack of effort for 60 minutes. With the roster they have, they should not be ninth in the conference and three games above .500. I know they have had injuries, but good teams do not use injuries as an excuse. The Penguins have had major injuries but kept winning.

    It’s looking more and more that the problem with this team is coaching. When you can’t get a complete effort out of the team, when you have the defensive lapses, when you have bipolar inconsistency, especially with a talented roster, then you have to look to the coach. I like John Stevens and think he is a good coach – but not for this team at this time. They’re too comfortable with him. If this doesn’t turn around by mid-season, I think he will be gone. They’re not spending all this money on pronger for a record that’s barely over .500 and ninth in the conference.

  2. This whole road trip has been a disaster. They just don’t look good right now. The Kings game aside, they look lethargic for stretches and have defensive lapses that are scary because of the goals they’re giving up on them.

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