Streak? Here’s Your Streak.

On Monday, the Devils and an annoying number of their fans came down the Jersey Turnpike with an eight game winning streak and an opportunity to set an NHL record for the most consecutive road victories from the start of a season. Playing a strong game, the Flyers ended the Devils’ streak with a 3-2 victory, despite the refs’ best efforts to hand them the game in the third period with some highly questionable calls. After the Flyers took a 3-1 lead, several calls went against them. With the game being televised on Versus, you have to wonder if the calls were designed to keep the game close at the direction of the league. It was nice to see the Flyers defeat a top team, which they must demonstrate they can do regularly to have a shot at the Cup this season. It was nicer to send the Devils and their contingent of supporters home empty-handed. Two of the unfortunate fans were seated next to us during the game, at the end of which we happily told them: “Turnpike’s that way.”

One Response to “Streak? Here’s Your Streak.”

  1. Ha ha! I was a sweet moment!

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