Five-Game Win Streak: Looking Better

After a mediocre start, the Flyers are currently riding a five game winning streak in which they have outscored their opponents 23-7. They appear to be hitting their stride now, as they are playing good defensive hockey and revving up the offense. The power play is tops in the league and the penalty killing is near the top. This is all good, especially since other teams in the division had strong starts, with the Penguins, Rangers and Devils putting together similar winning streaks. The Flyers needed to get out of the win one-lose one pattern. Not to be pessimistic, but let’s not get too excited just yet. The Flyers still need to demonstrate that they can beat the good teams of the league on a regular basis. A test in that area comes Monday night against the Devils. This streak is good, but I won’t be really excited until they score some wins against the Pittsburghs and New Jerseys of the league.

One Response to “Five-Game Win Streak: Looking Better”

  1. This is the team that prompted The Hockey News to predict the Flyers to be the 2010 Stanley Cup champs. The question remains: Can they can maintain this intensity and stay relatively healthy? We’ll see. A real test will come tonight with the Devils. If they beat the Devils, they will come close to convincing me that they are for real.

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