Cote or Pyorala?

As the Flyers think about finalizing their roster as the end of the pre-season draws near, it looks like a final roster spot at the forward position may come down to a choice between enforcer Riley Cote and newly-signed Finnish prospect Mika Pyorala. The Flyers’ decision here could say alot about their direction as a team. Pyorala has looked good in camp, scoring some goals, showing some speed, and showing a knack for getting to the holes. He is a little older than most prospects at age 28 and has experience playing in Europe. I think he should have a roster spot. Typical Flyers’ mentality would give the spot to Cote, as they have always liked tough grinder/mucker/fighter types. That’s why they have three such players on the roster: Cote, Aaron Asham, and Dan Carcillo. They don’t need three fighters. Cote scored three points last season and lost half his fights. Asham and Carcillo provide enough toughness and have more offensive skill. They Flyers need scoring after losing Mike Knuble and Joffrey Lupul and it looks as though Pyorala can provide some. Now is the time for Cote to go. The team needs to change its thinking and choose skill over toughness in this case. It’s not the 70s anymore.

2 Responses to “Cote or Pyorala?”

  1. Please, no more Cote…Pyorala has looked pretty good. He’s got my vote

  2. I agree. We were talking about this the other night and your point about moving on from a “bullies” mentality is well taken. Cote showed some improvement during the 2007-08 season, but regressed severely last season. He is a popular guy in the locker room, but three points a season cannot justify keeping him.

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