Penguins Fans Highly Irritated

I received a comment to one of the posts that evidently was from a Penguins fan. I must surmise that it was from a Penguins fan because (a) it took exception to other comments on the blog which called Sidney Crosby’s gender and toughness into question and then defended him as the youngest captain ever to win the Stanley Cup and (b) it was filled with a great deal of profanity, thereby demonstrating the general lack of verbal ability that typically identifies Pittsburgh hockey aficionados. As I happily deleted the comment I wondered if the evident anger with which it was written, along with the diminished eloquence, was representative of the current emotional state of the majority of Penguins’ athletic supporters. If it is, I would expect them to be in a better mood since, as the inarticulate author of the comment pointed out, the Penguins did win the Stanley Cup last season.

Now Crosby was indeed the youngest captain to win the Cup and is a good hockey player, but remember that he was surrounded by other good hockey players who benefitted from a timely coaching change and shrewd dealings by general manager Ray Shero, the son of the Flyers’ coach when they won their Stanley Cups. How’s that for irony? (I’ll define irony later for the benefit of any Penguins fans who may have difficulty with that word). I don’t believe that Crosby is particularly tough, however, and he certainly plays the game with less passion and apparent enjoyment than Alexander Ovechkin, for example. The author of the comment was quite certain that Crosby was indeed tough and that the Flyers would continue to have difficulty handling him. He must have forgotten that the Flyers acquired defenseman Chris Pronger over the summer. I will be anxiously waiting to see Crosby’s supposed toughness on display in that match-up.

One Response to “Penguins Fans Highly Irritated”

  1. Well said, Mike. As you mentioned, Chris Pronger is going to have a field day with Cindy Crosby. She can’t take a hit and she constantly cries to the refs, who WILL try to protect her as much as possible on the League’s orders.

    As for the Penguin fans, it’s plainly obvious that they are sensitive to insults toward Crosby because they know that what we say about her is absolutely true. She has no tolerance for hard hits and she is a constant complainer. Just remember how she spent her last few minutes in game 7 – in the tunnel limping around in feigned agony until it was time to grab the Cup. And what a recovery it was! She snapped up the Cup as if it was a blouse on sale at Filene’s Basement. And she did it without a hint of the “injury” she had so dramatically overplayed, being the drama queen that she is.

    Let’s see how the Pens do this year with the target plainly on their backs.

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