More Flyers Trade Rumors

Supposedly, the Flyers are close to pulling off a huge deal involving a major player(s) that would clear much cap space.  It could happen as early as tomorrow.  Speculation will be that it involves Danny Briere, who is being shopped but from what I’ve heard, don’t rule out that it could involve Joffrey Lupul, Scott Hartnell, Randy Jones, or even – brace yourselves – Jeff Carter.

Some have debunked the previously posted rumor of a trade sending Briere to L.A. with the Flyers getting the Kings first round pick in this year’s draft.  The question is why would the Kings want Briere and his huge contract. You could ask that question about any team that would entertain the possibility of trading for Briere.  Consider that the rumored trade would also land Dany Heatley in L.A.  Briere and Heatley have played on the same line in international competition with great results.  Considering that, it might be worth it to the Kings to take a chance on Briere.

Other rumors have Briere going to Toronto with the first round pick for defenseman Thomas Kaberle and the Leafs third rounder.  I like Kaberle, but no way I would do that.  There’s also a three-team rumor with Briere going to Florida, the Flyers getting Kaberle and Toronto’s second rounder and the Leafs getting Florida’s Nathan Horton and the Flyers first rounder.

2 Responses to “More Flyers Trade Rumors”

  1. flyersfan44 Says:

    Thanks for your comment. As you point out, they are rumors and that’s all they are at the moment. There is alot of talk among teams about potential deals especially as the draft nears. I am not indicating that the rumors I posted will definitely happen. In fact, most rumored trades do not pan out for a variety of reasons. Just because they don’t end up happening doesn’t mean that there was never any discussion or consideration of the potential trade among the teams. I am simply posting the scuttlebut from a variety of sources.

    As for this particular rumor, it does look like the Kings are the team to which Heatley will be traded for, among other things, their first round pick. Keep an eye on that pick – it could end up in Philly. The thing that bothers me about this rumor is that I’m not sure the Kings have enough cap space to handle Heatley and Briere. I believe, however, that at least part of that four team deal will happen.

    I would be OK with the Flyers trading Jones, especially if they replaced him with a JayBo. But they’ll need to clear more than what Jones makes to fit Bouwmeester under the cap. Hence, the Briere talk. If no one wants Briere and his huge contract, would you be OK with Jeff Carter going if it meant getting Bouwmeester?

    It’s all just rumor and speculation but it is a suspenseful week. Can’t wait until Friday.

  2. i dont know where you get this information from but it’s wrong and your just spreading rumors. Yes the flyers want to get rid of danny briere but lets be serious here. The Kings? really where did that come from. and if u ask me randy jones needs to go. the guy cant even skate backwards without falling down and what we are paying him somewhere around 2.5million to not know how to skate? Holmgren needs to realize his precious randy jones is worth MAYBE 900K and we need to get rid of him for some cap space for oh idk Bouwmeester

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