Penguins Win Cup

The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Red Wings 2-1 in game 7 at Detroit to capture the Stanley Cup.  The Penguins, who often like to open games up with offense, demonstrated that defense wins championships by playing an excellent defensive game.  They also got the bounces their way and survived great pressure by the Wings in the third period.  Detroit rang a shot off the crossbar with two minutes left that would have tied the game, and goalie Marc-Andre Fleury made a game and perhaps Cup-winning save with one second left, diving across the crease to cover an open net rebound shot.  The Red Wings’ age perhaps was a factor, as several key players were fighting injuries.  Still, give the Penguins credit for resiliency, coming back after losing the first two games of the series. Only the fourth time in NHL history that a team came back from an 0-2 deficit in the Finals, it’s interesting that three of the four occurred against Detroit (this year, 1966 vs. Montreal, and 1942 vs. Toronto).

Red Wings put one off the crossbar with two minutes left.

Red Wings put one off the crossbar with two minutes left.

Fleury dives to stop Niklas Lidstrom with one second left.

Fleury dives to stop Niklas Lidstrom with one second left.

The Penguins celebrate as time expires.

The Penguins celebrate as time expires.

9 Responses to “Penguins Win Cup”

  1. Mitral Regurgitation…

    […]Penguins Win Cup « Orange and Black Attack[…]…

  2. Jesus, I have been a passionate hockey fan for over 30 years. I love the sport and all of its history and talent. Bearing that in mind, I cannot approve of nor appreciate the effeminate way in which the Pittsburgh franchise and its captain have represented themselves the past few years. Whining is one thing, but diving is unsportsmanlike. In past years, the self-policing aspect of the sport would have put a quick end to such childish and girlish tactics.

    All I’m saying is that Cindy should just man up and learn how to behave as the male members of the league would have her act. She has been pampered not only in the past by hawkish junior coaches looking for success vicariously through their players, but also by the NHL which now barely resembles that league of the years in which I grew up watching, and falling in love with, hockey. No real fan of NHL hockey can condone nor approve of diving at any time. European soccer lives on such outrageous activity. Let’s leave that crap in Europe where it belongs.

    Jesus I hope you have the ability to understand what I’ve said. I know you may be young and easily wooed by quick success as the Penguins have gained recently. Just realize that real men play the game as men should – no diving, no crying, no whining, and no cheating – all of which the Penguins are very good at doing.

  3. flyersfan44 Says:

    Thanks, Jesus, for taking the time to respond. I’m not sure what it was about this post that you found objectionable; I complimented the Penguins for playing an excellent defensive series and credited them for resiliency.

    Actually, I am a huge fan of hockey and do appreciate the skill with which the game is played by players of all teams, not just the Flyers. Alex Ovechkin, for example, is one of my favorite players because of his talent and passionate play, which I pointed out in one of my posts. Mario Lemieux was my favorite player when he played, even though he was a Penguin. I have been critical of Sidney Crosby because, although he is obviously a very talented player, he cries to the refs and dives. Many of his teammates do the same thing, along with crashing the goalie and starting fights when they’re losing. These are reasons why many people outside of Pittsburgh do not like the Penguins. It’s not because they won the Cup. When Detroit won it, I recognized their talent and accomplishment and appreciated their sportsmanship – a quality that the Penguins currently lack.

    I will continue to root for my hometown team so my opinions will lean toward the Flyers. And I will continue to cry that the Flyers can’t win the big prize every year – or, more accurately, ANY year since it’s been almost 35 years since the Cup resided in Philadelphia.

    • I don’t think he was talking about you but about “C” who commented your article

      • Yes, thanks for pointing that out, my comments were not directed at the original article post, but to the subsequent replies from “C”.

  4. This is some entertaining material, you clearly aren’t a fan of the game of hockey, and don’t admire skilled players regardless of the sweater they wear. Sure everyone has a team they follow, but why do so many idiots find it necessary to whine when talented players are on teams other than their favorite? Do I like the Flyers or Capitals? No, but you won’t hear crying about the way Richards or Ovechkin play coming from most real fans of the game, just because they don’t follow those teams. Appreciate the skill that players have and don’t cry because your team can’t win the big prize every year. You sound like an 8 year old who is taking his ball and running home from the playground because they didn’t get their way. You are likely in the 5% minority that can give an entire fan base a lousy reputation with fans from other cities. Put your skates on if you can play better than the players you feel the need to whine about.

  5. it an’t my fault that philly just sucks and you are just jealous that we have so much talent.

    • No, you see, hockey is played on an ice rick where only MEN are allowed. Pittsburgh’s been cheating by using that female figure skater you call a hockey player. She whines, cries, bitches, and moans when real hockey players use physical play against her. She is really a great diver, which makes her the talented equal of Olympic diving champions world wide. It is quite appropriate that the Penguins have named her the captain, which reflects well on your womanly franchise.

      I’m sure your so proud of her.

  6. I’m absolutely stunned. I did NOT see this coming. I didn’t even watch the game because of a party and the Phils went extras with the Red Sox. Then the news came on and I thought I misheard the announcer. Just watching Cindy Crosby hold up her Cup made me want to puke.

    Now the choice is clear. Are we going to set a new standard in this town or what? The defending Cup champs are ONCE AGAIN a division foe. When are Flyers fans going to be able to be in that position? Since 1991, the Cup champ has been a division rival seven times… SEVEN TIMES OUT OF EIGHTEEN! Now ALL our division rivals HAVE MORE CUP WINS THAN WE DO! I find that an unacceptable and outrageous predicament.

    One thing I did notice is that prissy girl hockey is the way to go these days. The new NHL is not what I used to enjoy as a kid. Hitting is discouraged and a figure skating, European style game is headed our way now that Pittsburgh has proven that it’s now the accepted style. If they won with skirt wearing crybabies, then perhaps the Flyers should order some crying towels and take some lessons from Greg Louganis.

    It worked for Cindy.

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