Flyers Clinch Playoff Spot; Matchups Taking Shape

The Flyers have clinched a playoff spot with a 2-1 victory over the Florida Panthers.  Currently the fourth seed in the East, the Flyers remaining games will determine whether they hold onto the fourth spot and home ice advantage in the first round or drop to fifth or sixth.  Other playoff positions are taking shape as well.  The Panthers are now out of the playoffs.  Good – the most boring team in the league is ousted from the postseason . (Why does Florida even have an NHL franchise, Pablo?).  It’s great to see that they screwed themselves by not trading Jay Bouwmeester at the deadline because they had a shot at the playoffs. Now that they missed, he becomes a free agent and they get nothing for him when he signs elsewhere. 

After picking up a win against the Islanders today and Pittsburgh defeating Montreal tonight, a first round matchup with the Penguins is set.  If the Flyers pick up a point in the final game of the regular season tomorrow against the Rangers, they will have the home ice advantage.  So, it’s Cindy Crosby and the immature, whining Penguins in a rematch of last year’s Conference Finals.  Should be fun!


One Response to “Flyers Clinch Playoff Spot; Matchups Taking Shape”

  1. Brian Kimble Says:

    Bring on Cindy Crosby!!! I am extra excited for this rematch! Should be a good one. I am looking to get tickets to home game 1 or 2. Let me know if you are going.

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