Who’s Number One in Net?

It looks like we have a genuine battle for the number one goalie position.  Marty Biron has been rather inconsistent this year while Antero Niitymaki has the better record, goals against average, and save percentage.  Last Saturday in Boston, Biron let up three goals in the first period including a weak short side third goal.  Niitymaki came in and shut the Bruins out in the second and third periods as the Flyers rallied to win in overtime.  Although Coach John Stevens will say that the switch was made to fire up the players, the result was probably the turning point in the Flyers’ net battle.  The indication now is that Niitymaki is the number one guy.  Maybe this was done to light a fire under Biron, but either way, it looks like Biron will have to win back the number one job.  The Flyers probably prefer Marty to be the playoff guy, since he was sensational in two rounds last year and since they’re paying him about $2 million more per season that Niitymaki.  However, Antero’s numbers and record can’t be ignored, and whoever is playing better down the stretch will likely get the nod this spring.

Antero Niitymaki

Antero Niitymaki

Marty Biron

Marty Biron

One Response to “Who’s Number One in Net?”

  1. Marty Biron is definatily the better goalie. He is much bigger, and lets in way less goals than Niittymaki.

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