Sbisa Sent back to Juniors

There’s no evidence that Flyers’ GM Paul Holmgren reads this blog, although yours truly has met and spoken to Homer several times, but after my last entry wondering when the Flyers would figure out what to do with defenseman Luca Sbisa, who was missing in action for many of the last 15 games, they decided to send him back to his junior team in Lethbridge, Alberta.  I’m not sure the Flyers handled Sbisa wisely, as he was playing pretty well for an 18 year-old rookie.  Yet, the Flyers scratched him for many games when Randy Jones returned from injury. This undoubtedly hurt his confidence, because when they threw him back into a game in St. Louis this past weekend, he was on the ice for two goals and didn’t look as good as he had earlier in the season.  Now, we have to hope that having him go back to juniors after half a season in the big league doesn’t retard his development.

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