Cheap Shot on Gagne Draws No Penalty – Surprised?

Last night’s 3-2 Flyers’ win over Vancouver included an obvious cheap shot just a few seconds into the game on Flyers’ winger Simon Gagne by Canucks’ Kevin Bieska.  Gagne was in a precarious position just a few feet from the boards and facing the boards while making a play on the puck when he was decked from behind by Bieska.  Amazingly, there was no penalty called on the play! No hitting from behind, no boarding, nothing! I sort of remember several Flyers being suspended last season for various (and some marginal, I might add) hits from behind.  Apparently, the NHL crackdown on these sorts of hits does not include when they are committed against the Flyers.  Here is a goon defenseman with a clear cheap shot on one of the league’s leading scorers whose game is finesse and no penalty is called!  I am still seething over this.  The Flyers should complain to the League about this total injustice, and the NHL needs to consider why it continues to look the other way when Flyers are the recipients of these sorts of hits.

Fortunately, captain Mike Richards had the good sense to police this himself, fighting Bieska after it was apparent that no penalty would be called.  Too bad the players have to take this into their own hands as the refs do nothing.  Gagne missed the remainder of the game but it does not appear that the injury is very serious; he should be back within  one or two games.

2 Responses to “Cheap Shot on Gagne Draws No Penalty – Surprised?”

  1. I agree. We are going to have to start taking things into our own hands. When the league wanted to make hockey “television friendly” entertainment, it took away the ability of the players to police the games themselves. It has resulted in poor officiating, biased distributions of suspensions, and occasional blatant favoritism in the playoffs in favor of big national television market teams (Montreal, New York, New Jersey, …).

  2. It is apparent that the officiating is inconsistent at best and this was just an example of what a joke some of these refs are. Gagne dumps the puck in and Bieska takes at least a few strides before he blindsides him, I agree had it been the other way around, the Flyers would be looking at a suspension. It’s almost comical how the crackdown on these types of hits only include the Flyers if they are guilty of the infraction. Thank God Gagne is said to only be out 7-10 days, that hit could have resulted in something much worse. Kudos to Mike Richards for taking matters into his own hands, I just wish Cote or Gratton would have followed it up later.

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