Sidney Crosby Cheap Shot

It should be very interesting to see how the League deals with the cheap shot that Sidney Crosby put on Atlanta Thrashers’ Boris Valabik in a game on December 18.  During a melee, Crosby came up behind Valabik, who was occupied by another Penguin, and threw a couple of low blow punches.  Check the video below to see how it happened.

Interesting that in a rare occasion when Cindy got involved in fisticuffs, it was by throwing cheap shots from behind.  Not surprising, mind you, because although he is a great player in terms of talent, his temperament has not led him to be a great ambassador for the game.  It’s play like this that lessens the respect for Crosby among fans and players.   I have a feeling, however, that no disciplinary action from the League will be forthcoming.  Too bad, since Cindy needs to learn some respect for the game. 

2 Responses to “Sidney Crosby Cheap Shot”

  1. I have to agree that Crosby’s temperment keeps him from being a great ambassador for the game and I also believe he has lost some respect with players and fans with some of his actions which include still diving to much to draw a penalty. Now for the bad part, I am a fan of Crosby and his talent.( I will be entering a rehab facility for my problem shortly after the holidays) I’m not going to defend his cheap shots, if your gonna fight, face the guy and drop your gloves. I will however say that in the heat of the moment and playing on emotion, it was somewhat acceptable for one reason. Valabik has no business in the NHL, he is a goon that does not adhere to fighting ethics. Last season, he jumped Joe Corvo who did not fight back. Two weeks ago in a home and home with Boston he continously went after Phil Kessel until Chara finally had enough of it. I did not see the game against the Pens but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was going after Crosby or Malkin in that game as well. Valabik is 6’7 240 lbs., he should be taking on the heavyweights in the leauge, I would have loved to seen him drop the gloves with Godard. I’ve never seen Cote, Gratton or Asham go after a non fighter, they know the fighting code and stick to it. Valabik will eventually take out a star player which will hurt the NHL.

  2. Cindy Sucks!!!! Does the preferential treatment surprise anybody?

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