Downie, Eminger Traded for Defenseman Matt Carle

Defenseman Matt Carle

Defenseman Matt Carle

I swear that the last post was written before the Flyers announced the trade of Steve Downie and Steve Eminger to Tampa for defenseman Matt Carle plus a swap of draft picks.  I had indicated that Downie looked like a first round draft pick bust and that Eminger’s poor play made his acquisition over the summer Holmgren’s worst trade to date, and suggested that Holmgren may have to trade a forward for a solid defenseman.

I think this is a really good deal. Eminger was terrible and Downie will be a fourth line player at best. Carle is a solid top-four defenseman who is quick, has decent size, can move the puck and is young.  Although his offensive production has trailed off since his rookie season with the Sharks, if he can move the puck and cover well in front of the Flyers’ net, this will be an improvement. The only concern is that now we have no right handed shots on defense.  Still, this should help.  Now, let’s trade another forward (Asham?) to gain space under the salary cap and then sign Brendan Shanahan.

One Response to “Downie, Eminger Traded for Defenseman Matt Carle”

  1. Despite the loss, Carle played very well last night. He seems to play with that ‘go getter’ attitude that the Flyers, as a team, are missing at times when the game isn’t on the line. Hopefully he will have continued influence on the Flyers mental/physical presense in the first period.

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