Hungry for More? Hungry for a Win

Goalie Marty Biron after surrendering one of five goals against Colorado.

Goalie Marty Biron after surrendering one of five goals against Colorado.

The Flyers’ slogan this year is “Hungry for More”, an allusion to the great playoff run they had last year and indicating hopefulness that they would pick up this season where they left off last spring.  After four games, however, “Hungry for a Win” may be more appropriate.  Thursday’s 5-2 loss to Colorado further illustrated their difficulties so far this season. They were completely absent in the first period, throughout the game they continued to lose the little battles that it takes to win – along the boards, races to the puck, etc., and the power play remained anemic (3 for 26) in a game that was overofficiated. 

It appears that the Flyers would prefer to skip the regular season and go right to the playoffs.  Coach John Stevens will have to light a fire under tham soon or they may end up missing the post season altogether.  He met with the captains today and will be meeting with individual players before Saturday’s game in San Jose against the unbeaten Sharks.

I think it’s time to end the Danny Briere on right wing experiment.  The Richards-Gagne-Briere line has definitely been the Flyers’ best, creating opportunities and scoring goals, but there’s no offense coming from anywhere else.  Put Briere back at center, bump Jeff Carter to the third line and now there’s the balance that fueled their playoff run. The lines should look something like this:





Let’s see if Stevens can right things quickly.  If not, he may end up like Chicago’s Denis Savard who was just fired after four games.

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