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Sarah Palin to Drop Puck Opening Night

Posted in Uncategorized on October 10, 2008 by flyersfan44

I am going to try very hard not to get political here since that’s not within the scope of this blog, however, I cannot help but criticize the decision to have Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin drop the ceremonial first puck in Saturday’s home opener against the Rangers.  Although Comcast Chairman Ed Snider says she was invited because of her self-proclaimed “Hockey Mom” status and the attraction that that has garnered for hockey, it seems to be at least an implicit endorsement of her candidacy.  That’s probably not a good idea, because I can see the polarization of opinion (tilting latley toward the Democratic nominee) undoubtedly allowing for a chorus of boos to rain down upon the unsuspecting Alaska governor.  As we all know, (and take pride in) Philadelphia fans can be vicious in voicing their displeasure.  A wink and a “you betcha” won’t make it in South Philly.  Besides, I’m not so sure that she’s a real hockey fan either.  It’s one thing to holler after you’re little kid skating around his or her bantam-level rink and quite another to follow the NHL and root for your NHL team. 

 When Palin was in Philadelphia recently, she was met by a couple in her hotel elevator as she was preparing to go out for a jog.  As her time in the spotlight as a candidate has gradually exposed, she’s not quite the brightest or most self-aware individual, and as a result, she was wearing a New York Rangers jersey. Now, even the most basic hockey fan would know that any person interested in maintaining a modicum of safety in Philadelphia would NEVER appear on the streets wearing such an offensive item.  Fortunately for the governor, the couple (who were undoubtedly Republicans) were able to provide her with an Eagles jersey to wear for her jog, thus saving her from at least embarassment if not from some highly offensive verbal invectives.  She may not, however, be so fortunate as to escape a barrage of boos and taunts this Saturday.