Anti-Flyers Conspiracy?

Faithful reader Duffy has suggested a blog posting asking about whether or not there is some sort of conspiracy against the Flyers that leads to excessive or unwarranted penalties or perhaps harsher disciplinary measures leveled by the league against the Orange and Black.   I’ll put my opinion out there:  From my perspective during the playoffs, there were some unbelieveably horrendous calls and non-calls that went against the Flyers and at several points we were wondering if the NHL wanted the Capitals to advance because of Ovechkin and the Canadiens to advance because, well, they’re the Canadiens.  Thinking back to early in the season, there were five Flyers suspended (Boulerice, Downie, Cote, Jones, Hartnell) at various times for aggressive hits that sometimes resulted in injuries.  A couple of these suspensions, at least, were questionable.  That being said, I would have to argue against the idea of a premeditated conspiracy against the Flyers at the league level.  I think the NHL wants to have integrity in its officiating and discipline and to remain fair in its dealings with all teams.  NHL officiating is not the best, however, and I’m sure fans of every team can cite terrible calls that went against their clubs.  Now, it may happen that individual refs carry a subconscious bias or trepidation in regard to the Flyers, especially since the highly aggressive play that resulted in the early-season suspensions recalled the old Broad Street Bullies, which I am sure no ref or the league wishes to have to deal with.  At any rate, hopefully the league will continue to work to see that the best and most impartial offciating possible will be the norm across the NHL.  That’s how I see it.  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Questionable Kovalev goal

Questionable Kovalev goal

4 Responses to “Anti-Flyers Conspiracy?”

  1. flyersfan44 Says:

    A couple weeks until we start – camp opens on September 20.

    If she likes hockey, she can’t be all bad although her only foreign policy experience consists of when she was manager of her daughter’s bantam hockey team she obtained a forward named Jen from Ice Lake, Saskatchewan.

  2. the flyers last year proved that they had talent and are well coached – that should – in the eyes of the officials – level the playing field as far as officiating goes – the stuper stars (stuper – yeah i spelled it right) will still get some calls – so be it – lets try to call the rest of the game in a fair and unbiased manner –

    the league office is another matter – on-ice officials are real time judges – moving at increasingly faster speeds and are expected to make the call right everytime – the league office has all the tiime in the world to get it right and on all too many occasions come up way short – but we all knew that didnt we

    when the hellerman street does the season start anyway – no, cant be – thats too far away – lets play hockey tomorrow – go flyers

    gotta love a hockey mom (sorry Mike – had to go there)


  3. Duffy is correct in saying that there is a bias. The “Cowboy Syndrome” is reality. It’s pathetic and shameful that trusted officials would fall prey to such patterns of bias, but it happens. Look at Laraque’s hit on Steve Downie this past year. The crosscheck from the back and to the head was called in the game (and DOWNIE was penalized as well!!), but the NHL’s Discipline Czar Colin Campbell saw fit not to suspend Laraque for the same offese that Jesse Boulerice received 20 + games worth of suspension. Bias? Of course. The Flyers were just getting their comeuppance in Campbell’s eyes I’m sure.

    The picture of Kovalev’s goal speaks a thousand words and supports the point. How that goal was allowed was mystifying. It was quite clear that Kovalev’s stick made contact with the puck BEFORE crossing the goal line and DID have an effect on the puck’s direction. I remember the official explanation was something connected to a technicality in the rule – a cheap and sorry excuse for blowing an easy and reviewable call.

    I’m not saying that the NHL is always like that, but it shows up at the most inopportune times and in the national spotlight to be brushed off as an anomoly.

  4. could not believe the number of bad calls against the flyers last season and really dont want to take up the space listing them all – part of the problem with following a home team exclusively is that we never get to fully realize that the officiating is inconsistent all over the league –

    i do not believe the league or officials knowingly call a game poorly on purpose – think it may have something to do with last years record -a team that comes in last – next to last – close to the bottom – whatever – does so because for the most part they are not a good team – while teams that make the playoffs and advance do so because for the most part they are good teams – going into a contest – the officials know the good teams from the bad and subconsiously may look at the good teams as being the better team and make calls accordingly –

    statistical proof – the team leading after 2 periods win a vast majority of the game – duhhhhhh – the reason they are leading after two periods is probably because they are the better team –

    my only attempt to clarify this was a late season game – hurricans against the lowly panthers – the front runner hurricanss were awarded 7 power play opportunities to the panther zero – (panthers won anyway) but in a game of speed and contact and stick work and clear the porch game plans – just does not seem possible for a team to go 60 minutes without a single call – (it happened to the flyers 2 times in a four game stretch during the losing streak – we did get a single power play in the second game because the defender fired the puck out of the rink – not a judgement call – its automatic )) good teams get the call ( i like to call it the “cowboy syndrome” after the way Dallas used to get all the calls when they were Americas team )

    still – i rather watch a ice hockey game than womens field hockey any day of the week


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