Flyers Sign Aaron Asham, Lose Patrick Thoresen and Jason Smith

The Flyers added another fourth line player, this one with fighting ability, when they signed forward Aaron Asham to a two year deal.  The 30 year-old Asham played with the Devils last season, scoring ten points in 77 games and accumulating 84 penalty minutes.   Asham was described by GM Paul Holmgren as a hard-nosed, aggressive, character player.  He is also willing to drop the gloves.  Evidently, this move was made because the Flyers found out last week that winger Patrick Thoresen would not play for them this season, rejecting the Flyers’ offer of a two-way contract.  Thoresen wanted a one-way contract that would pay him the same amount even if he was sent to the minors.  Thoresen will play in Europe at least for the time being.  I liked Thoresen; I think he brought alot of determination and hustle which supposedly can be replaced by Asham, but the Flyers will lose some good speed.  Here is Asham displaying one of the reasons that he scored only six goals last year:

Here he is doing evidently what he does best:

Also announced was that defenseman (and captain) Jason Smith has signed with Ottawa.  It was expected that Smith would not be back with the Flyers as this was alluded to even back around mid-season.  This is puzzling to me – how is it that the Flyers indicated no expectation to re-sign him as early as February?  Then he signs with Ottawa for around $2.6 million per year.  Was this out of the Flyers’ price range if they had forgone the acquisition of a couple of the players they signed like Vaananen and Metropolit?  Makes me wonder if there wasn’t something else going on here.


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